OHEL HACHIDUSCH is a European initiative of Jews who, rooted in tradition yet trans-denominational, are seeking a path toward modernity. It is a place… 

…For lifelong Jewish learning, Jewish renewal. 
…Where Jews can learn how to create a Jewish life for themselves. 
…For those who are "just Jewish" and have spiritual needs and questions. 
…For envisioning the future. 
…For the arts, music, singing, studying, discussing, meditating. 
..That offers help for those in unusual situations and crises. 
…For those who could not find their place in traditional Jewish communities.   
…A place for individualists.




        Jalda Rebling - our Hazzan

Services, shiurim + festivals

Services, shiurim + festivals

To be Jewish is to live community. We are looking forward to all those who want to celebrate with us - whether single or family. Come over!

Alle Termine finden Sie hier...

Modernes Judentum in heutiger Zeit

Unser Vision, unsere Vorstellung, unser Wunsch, ......


Jewish Renewal ("Jüdische Erneuerung") ist eine strömungs- und denominations-übergreifende Bewegung im zeitgenössischen Judentum, die jüdischen Gemeinden und jüdischem Alltag auf lustvolle Weise neue ethische Impulse und spirituelle Vitalität verleiht.


green shul

we were created in God´s image, are part of the universe, the cosmos as a whole. This is why we want to strengthen our connection to nature and thereby contribute to tikkun olam.



2. Internationaler Ohel Hachidusch Kongress 2008

Der Kongress fand vom 28.8. 2008 – 31.8. 2008 im Jüdischen Centrum in Lund statt. 








Anna Adam - chairwoman