Ohel Hachidusch

Ohel. The Tent. Just as the children of Israel passed through the desert, carrying their Ark of the Covenant with them, so are we entering the future of a modern world, with all its challenges. 

The Shoah left an irreparable break in our history. We Jewish Europeans are looking for ways to adjust to the challenges of modernity. Old structures have changed, old European borders are gone, new borders stand in their place. Modern science presents us with ethical questions. Ecology demands completely new answers. Traditional family structures have dissolved. Ohel Hachidush seeks new, multi-denominational ways to adjust to these challenges:

Ohel Hachidusch co-operates with Limmud-Germany and other Jewish educational institutions. 

Ohel Hachidush is transdenominational Jewish, an international organization that creates a Jewish network outside the traditional community.