And what do we do to meet these challenges?

An excerpt of Dr. Deborah Williger´s practical training report at Ohel Hachidusch

Ohel Hachidusch means "Tent of Renewal". It was founded in 2007 as an independent Jewish community and a registered association. Currently it has 38 members with 18 children. Besides, Ohel has a circle of friends of about 250 members worldwide. Services are held regularly in a rented room in Berlin, close to Bundesplatz. Shabbat services are held there twice a month. The community also meets on further events and Jewish holidays. Every Sunday some members of the community work in the group´s green shul in Berlin-Gatow. The community is  transdenominational, egalitarian and accepts the patrilineal descent of Judaism. This is an exception within the Jewish communities of Germany. The rite draws from the Jewish tradition and follows the Ashkenazi nussakh, including elements of Jewish mysticism as well as  new elements such as chanting and instrumental accompaniment in parts of the liturgy.  Cantor Jalda Rebling, who is leading the Brerlin community since its beginnings, was trained and ordained by ALEPH, the teaching program of Jewish Renewal in the United States.
Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi z´l´, the founder of Jewish Renewal, also has been an invaluable spiritual leader for Ohel Hachidusch.
His spiritual legacy to Ohel Hachidusch has been to revitalize  Judaism in Germany, which, because of the Shoah, had to be built "out of nowhere" and will be in a constant process of change. 
“Ohel is about finding joy in Judaism, to transform it into a living Jewishness for everyone.”  (Anna Adam, chairwoman of the congregation).
Translation: Etha Jimenez and Joseph Rebling